Artur Lescher

Artur Lescher’s works attest to his constant experimentation with materials, their physical qualities and objectual characteristics. Through his works, the artist makes constant reference to natural elements, which when reproduced impeccably by means of industrial processes, reveal and deny these real allusions.

São Paulo, Brazil, 1962
Lives and works in São Paulo

A key component in the artist's body of work is architecture, both in synthesis and context. In an abstraction exercise of in-situ installations, the artist adopts the spatial situations of the exhibition space to transform corners, walls and doors into large-scale installations. His works emerge subtly as poetic gestures in space transmitting force and instability, balance and movement, tension and silence.

Artur Lescher emerged in the mid-80’s, influenced by the Neo-Concrete movement around Mira Schendel, Helio Oiticica and Sergio Camargo into the Brazilian art scene. From this point of rupture he has presented his work in major museums and institutions of Brazil including the São Paulo Biennale, the Biennale Mercosur, MAC and MAM in São Paulo. He has also exhibited his work in Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, USA and France.

Artur Lescher | Asterismos | OMR

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