Jorge Méndez Blake

Guadalajara, Mexico, 1974
Lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico

Throughout his career, Jorge Méndez Blake has explored the intersections of literature, visual arts, and architecture. He skillfully translates language and narratives into visual compositions, including sculptures, drawings, paintings, installations, murals, and videos, often paying homage to the great masters of universal literature such as William Shakespeare, Jules Verne, Franz Kafka, and Jorge Luis Borges.

A significant part of Méndez Blake's practice is dedicated to the concept of the library.  For the artist, the idea of the “library” surpasses its traditional definition of a building historically used for keeping books and spreading knowledge: He sees them as relational systems with inexhaustible sources of information in which historical and cultural dimensions of a given context converge.

Méndez Blake’s work oscillates between reality and fiction when merging the architecture of places like the Library François Mitterand in Paris, or the Public Library in Seattle, with landscapes – and fragments – of fantastic literature, to become cultural metaphors which meaning expands to different areas of knowledge.

Jorge Méndez Blake | Dismantled Wasteland | Art Basel Unlimited

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