Jose Dávila

Jose Dávila
Guadalajara, Mexico, 1974
Lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico

Dávila’s sculptural work is based on the specificity of the employed materials, their origin, symbolic value and their formal characteristics are elements that take great significance; industrial materials interact with organic raw materials. Influenced by his education in architecture, Dávila arranges objects as if they were basic elements of drawing for creating systems that exemplify notions of equilibrium, stability and permanence. With these sculptures, Dávila intends to provide visibility to the physical processes that are required in order for things to maintain their shape and occupy space in a specific manner. Human intervention and the material disposition of things produce hybrid systems that respond to structural intuitions; technique unfolds itself as a poetic dimension.

For Jose Dávila, the world that surrounds us contains an infinity of geometric structures and sculpture must behave as an adhesive territory where not only weights are negotiated, but also the expressiveness of matter, fragility and hardness, resistance and adaptability, or the symbolic character of the present and the past, through the objects and the stories they represent.

Through appropriation and recontextualization of iconic artworks, the artist questions the way in which we recognize and relate visually. A series of translations and editing procedures are employed in order to modify the normal procedure of identification; materials are modified, elements are highlighted or concealed, and the languages of art movements are reproduced with local resources and within a contemporary context.

Jose Dávila | Grava Suelta | OMR

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