Yishai Jusidman

Mexico City, 1963
Lives and works in Los Angeles

Since the late 1980s, Yishai Jusidman has developed a series of works that critically and innovatively engage with specific challenges in contemporary painting. Jusidman contends that the pictorial experience of the 20th century was shaped by artificial dichotomies (such as Figurative/Abstraction, Form/Content, Painting/Concept, Realism/Expressionism) that create the illusion of the non-practice nature of pre-modern naturalism.

To deconstruct these dichotomies, Jusidman employs multiple pictorial techniques rooted in the history of painting. He seamlessly connects portraiture, landscape, and still-life with elements of geometrism, gesturalism, and minimalism. This synthesis blends analytical rigor with manual expressiveness, effectively dismantling artificial boundaries. Jusidman revives the potential for figurative representation, naturalism, and imagery to coexist within painting, highlighting their compelling possibilities.

Yishai Jusidman | Museo MARCO | Interview

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