Alberto Perera
Lo personal es patético
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May 9, 2024
June 29, 2024

Alberto Perera, a multidisciplinary artist born in Barcelona, makes his debut at OMR with an exploration of the grotesque and vulnerability. Through oil pastel drawings, performances, and ceramics, he delves into themes like identity formation, the notion of ruin, and naivety. Drawing inspiration from Hitchcock and Ed Wood films, Spanish TV shows like “Crónicas Marcianas”, self-critical humor, and kitsch aesthetics, Perera constructs a universe of characters navigating between reality and fiction.

Lo personal es patético, originates from a 2020 video by the artist, translated into various mediums. In his performances, he embodies alter egos reminiscent of the cabaret world and trash TV. Influenced by Angelyne, the Billboard Queen, the first self-made celebrity, he creates Bettie Tiniebla, merging the name of Bettie Page, a 1950s American pin-up model, with "El Tinieblas," a popular Mexican wrestler. Bettie Tiniebla embodies sensuality, absurdity, and the DIY aesthetic, standing out as one of Alberto Perera's most distinctive characters.

The gallery is enveloped in wallpaper illustrated by Perera, brimming with references that nourish his work, intertwining the mundane with the supernatural, horror, and artificiality. Through his work, Alberto Perera questions our existence amidst failure, uncertainty, and criticism of social norms. Lo personal es patético is an eclectic exhibition that celebrates the frivolous and challenges the traditionally dysfunctional, using irreverence as a means to grapple with the world's incongruities.


His work has been extensively featured in Mexico at institutions and museums such as: Sala Pública at Museo Tamayo (2023), Biquini Wax EPS (2021), Lodos Gallery (2021), SOMA (2020), Aeromoto Public Library (2019), Material Art Fair (2018), Fundación Alumnos 48 (2018), Centro Cultural España de México (2017), Casa Gomorra (2017), Centro Cultural Border (2017), among others.

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