Juana Subercaseaux
Esto es Eso
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May 9, 2024
June 29, 2024

Juana Subercaseaux, a Chilean artist based in Mexico City, presents Esto es Eso, her first exhibition at OMR, showcasing her latest works that intertwine a feminine perspective with the intimate, the mystical, the ephemeral, and the spiritual aspects of nature. She combines abstract forms with organic symbols, emerging from a deeply personal realm and blurring the boundaries between the tangible and the imagined.

Subercaseaux's paintings invite reflection on the environment and the mental processes we experience within it, where both spaces slide in a simultaneous and ceaseless rhythm. The artist navigates a field of ideas where natural elements acquire phenomenological qualities related to spirituality, fantasy, dreams, hallucination, and evocation. In Subercaseaux's own words: "a flower hallucinates, water is a portal, the wind slows down, a reflection is an entity, movement freezes, the sun unfolds."

Influenced by the Transcendental Painting Group and philosophical animism, the artist imbues non-human objects with spirit, considering them as "you" rather than "it". Esto es Eso references the ideas of British writer and philosopher Alan Watts, alluding to the notion that external elements exist only in relation to the perceiving body and vice versa, transcending the illusion of dualism that separates them.

Through her works, Subercaseaux explores the evocative and subjective power of an ambiguous nature, suggesting something more: a sign, a state of transition, a delicate sensation of transience, mystery, or reverie, raising questions not meant to be answered.

Her international exhibitions include MAPA, Argentina (2023), Instituto Telearte, Chile (2023), Troy Art House, United Kingdom (2023), TIM Gallery, Chile (2018, 2022), 7th Athens Biennale, Greece (2021), Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia (2020), House of Egorn, Germany (2019), among others.

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