Kayode Ojo
Me estás poniendo nervioso
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May 9, 2024
June 29, 2024

Kayode Ojo, originally from Cookeville, Tennessee, and based in New York, merges various influences, ranging from Marcel Duchamp and Haim Steinbach's readymades to Paul Rudolph's expressionist architecture and Jeff Koons' neo-pop aesthetic. His work challenges conventional notions of value and functionality by transforming a variety of objects, from fast-fashion products to Amazon items and personal belongings, into sculptures that explore contemporary consumer culture, the obsession with luxury, and the pursuit of status.

In Me estás poniendo nervioso, his debut exhibition at OMR, Ojo offers a critical perspective on the complexities of contemporary society, particularly American stereotypes and prejudices about Mexico. This exploration focuses on issues such as drug culture, machismo, gender violence, racism, and media sensationalism, addressing social reality from a personal and occasionally self-referential standpoint. These themes are reflected in his work, through a formalist approach, to create a new series of sculptures inspired by Mexican modernism.

Meticulously crafted from clear and glossy surfaces, the sculptures captivate the viewer and become performative acts: they pose like a product on a shelf, demand to be photographed, serve as objects of desire, and intertwine personal and collective narratives.


His work has been exhibited internationally in galleries such as 52 Walker (New York, 2023); Von Ammon Co. (Washington, DC, 2023); Università Luav di Venezia (Venice, 2022); Sweetwater (Berlin, 2021); Martos Gallery (New York, 2020); Praz-Delavallade (Los Angeles, 2020); Galerie Balice Hertling (Paris, 2018); and Paula Cooper Gallery (New York, 2018).

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