Art Basel 2024
Matti Braun
Pia Camil
Julian Charrière
Claudia Comte
Jose Dávila
Pablo Dávila
Yann Gerstberger
Alicja Kwade
Artur Lescher
Jorge Méndez Blake
Gabriel Rico
Sebastian Silva
Tony Matelli
L16 / HALL 2.1
June 13, 2024
June 16, 2024

OMR is thrilled to return to Art Basel Switzerland, with a selection of 15 artists whose practice explores the interplay between opposing forces in materials and concepts, both delving into the natural and the artificial, and suggesting the reinterpretation of diverse historical and cultural contexts.

Our presentation will include the work of artists such as Claudia Comte, who employs soil as her primary material, symbolizing nature’s resilience in the face of human intervention, poetically merging form and substance. Yann Gerstberger, who developed a unique technique to handcraft textile tapestries narrating stories inspired by Mexican popular culture and seamlessly blending traditional elements with contemporary themes. Pia Camil, who repurposes fabrics discarded by textile factories in works that evoke the relationship between contemporary concepts, classical paintings and industrial production. Sebastian Silva, whose energetic oil paintings evoke both extremely social contexts, like a birthday party, and loneliness within the crowds. Julian Charrière, who combines artistic speculation with scientific methodology to examine the mutation of nature over time and our high impact over it. Additionally, as part of the Globus Public Art Project, Charrière will transform Basel’s historical department store Globus, with a boundary pushing artwork that aims to connect visitors across vast distances, bridging mountainous Switzerland with a Western Andean Cloud Forest in Ecuador, running from June 8th to October 6th.

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