Pia Camil

Mexico City, Mexico, 1980
Lives and works in Mexico City

Renowned for her large-scale, community-generated installations, visual artist Pia Camil has consistently been interested in the idea of collaboration. Spanning paintings, sculptures, performances, and installations, her multidisciplinary work emphasizes the importance of collectivity and frequently involves partnerships with local manufacturers or the general public.  The subject matter of her work focuses on the rural and urban contexts with a formal yet critical dialogue with modernism.

Camil, who relocated to Acatitlán in the State of Mexico during the pandemic, has recently shifted her focus to exploring the relationship between humans and other species. Currently, she is planning a community gathering space where sharing and learning about our relation to the natural world will take center stage.

Pia Camil | Museo Jumex | Entrevista, 2021

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