Founded in 2003
Live and work in London, United Kingdom

Formed by Eva Rucki (b. 1976, Germany), Conny Freyer (b. 1976, Germany) and Sebastien Noel (b. 1977, France) as a collaborative contemporary art group in 2003, Troika has since worked across various media and explored the subjective and objective readings of reality as well as the many relationships we form with technology. Their artworks broach themes that include artificial intelligence, algorithmic data, forms of life, virtual and physical representation systems.

Troika’s practice is often based in research and explores systems of knowledge in the fields of natural philosophy and the history of technology. In 2019, Troika started a research project together with biologists, neuroscientists, the British Antarctic Survey and physicists from Cambridge University which will culminate in a book and a permanent outdoor installation at Cambridge University in 2023.

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