Yann Gerstberger

Yann Gerstberger
Cagnes-sur-Mer, France, 1983 
Lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico

Gerstberger’s series of textile tapestries depict narratives inspired by patterns found in Mexican popular culture, art history and nature. These works are produced with an original technique conceived by the artist: he glues fibers of cotton (mops, originally) on vinyl to form colorful surfaces, mixed with industrial fabric, preferably patterned or textured that he finds in markets in the city. The cotton fibers are dyed by hand, using a mixture of natural mexican dyes such as cochineal, and industrial ones like Citocol, the most basic dye that can be found in the supermarket. Yann Gerstberger builds through his tapestries/paintings a vernacular vocabulary referencing the Fábulas Pánicas of Jodorowsky, the fantasy of the tropical seen from Europe, post graffiti and the history of abstraction and its repertoire of ambiguous and mystical shapes.

Yann Gerstberger | PPP Amazonia, 2020

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