Tony Matteli | In the Studio
In the Studio
June 20, 2024

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During our recent visit to Tony Matelli’s studio in New York, we had the opportunity to learn about the production process of two of his most iconic series: Weeds and Arrangements which we recently had the pleasure of presenting at Art Basel Switzerland 2024, and Human Nature, a group exhibition we presented at Casa Pentra in L.A. from February to April this year.

Tony Matelli’s series ‘Weeds’ (2024) and “Arrangements” (2024) are characterized by hyperrealism and a unique depiction of everyday objects. In ‘Weed,’ plants appear to sprout from the spaces between gallery walls and floors, while in ‘Arrangement,’ vases with flowers are positioned in impossible and physically illogical ways.

Matelli’s work often blurs the lines between absurdity and humor, prompting deeper existential reflections.

Photos by OMR.

In the Studio