Yann Gesrtberger | In the Studio
In the Studio
July 1, 2024

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Yann Gerstberger has created an impressive series of textile tapestries that depict narratives inspired by patterns from Mexican popular culture, art history, and nature.

These works are produced using an original technique he devised, which includes the gluing, coloring, and selecting of cotton fibers on vinyl. The fibers are hand-dyed using a blend of natural Mexican dyes, combined with industrial fabrics to create vibrant and colorful surfaces.

Inspired by influential figures such as Picabia, Matisse and Henri Rousseau, as well as Jodorowsky’s ‘Panic Fables’, Gerstberger constructs, through his tapestries and paintings, a vernacular vocabulary. This vocabulary captures the fantasy of the tropics as seen from Europe, post-graffiti and the history of abstraction. In his work, a repertoire of ambiguous and mystical forms unfolds.

In the Studio